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Chapter 12: Class Pet

This stinkbug has been hanging out on my classroom window screen since September. At first, we thought it was dead, because it was just hanging out in the same spot for weeks, but one day, it was in a different spot on the screen, and we all got unduly excited about the fact that it was still alive.

Over the past four months, our stinkbug has made its little stinkbug way across one window screen, onto the other, through a hole, and into the space between the screen and the glass, where it seems to have taken up permanent residence.

My boss won’t let us have a hamster because she’s afraid if she approves a hamster for me, somebody else will ask her for a rabbit, and then somebody will want a boa constrictor, and then she’ll have to make a choice between working in the same building with a snake or giving people the impression that she’s playing favorites. To avoid that scenario, she’s adopted a blanket no-pet policy.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s really the only thing she’s ever denied me.

Lacking a hamster, one of my seniors decided last week that this stinkbug should be our class pet, so she named it Billy and made this little sign to post on the window.

I’m still trying to talk my boss into a hamster, but in the meantime, I suppose Billy the Stinkbug will do.



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